Friday, February 17, 2012

Online MSNBC: Rachel blogger, head-desk, #uppers, Melissa H-P

Steve Benen left Washington Monthly late last month to become a producer for The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC. If you read the Maddow Blog, you've been seeing his byline there for about three weeks now, and his writing has been a nice addition. Maddow's audience seems to live online so it makes sense to bring on somebody with an established reputation to work on the internet arm of her show's presence.

I follow Will Femia, a self-described web elf for Rachel's show, on Twitter. You've seen him retweeted if you're in my circles or near them. He's the one with the great animated head-desk avatar.

Up With Chris Hayes continues to impress. It's a nice blend of hip libs, smart talk and serious topics. They can't help but devote segments to the GOP primary horserace, but that's fine by me. I know I'm supposed to be ashamed of becoming caught up in the inside baseball but it's impossible not to; it's so entertaining. Also on MSNBC, the Up show starts sticking to a regular time slot tomorrow -- 8 until 10 a.m. Eastern Saturday and Sunday. It must have been a pain to promote the show when it started at different times on Saturday and Sunday.

Chances are you've run into the #uppers Twitter hashtag on weekend mornings. It's quite a lively community. Almost too noisy to follow in real time while the show is on. I made a Twitter list of the show's guests starting with the Dec. 17 show and have maintained it since then almost faithfully, so it includes the tweets of a number of weeks' guests. Since each show includes guests with varying expertise depending on the week's topics, the collection of current tweets is pretty eclectic. See widgets for the hashtag and the list below.

Melissa Harris-Perry's show debuts tomorrow, right after Up. The new show's hashtag is #mhpshow. Or it's #nerdland. Not firmly settled I guess. The crowd will make a chaotic executive decision.

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